Labor Education



Since the early 1980’s, EILER’s education curriculum has been geared towards enabling trade unions to respond to labor and social issues in a way that reflects their sectoral interest, as well as the greater interest of society. EILER believes that labor education plays a key role in laying the foundation for empowering unions vis-a-vis big capital and unfair state policies.

Standard Courses

  1. Basic Course on Genuine Trade Unionism (GTU)

  2. Union Leadership and Team-Building

  3. Union Administration Training

  4. Paralegal Training for Workers

  5. Grievance-handling & Shop-stewards’ Training

  6. CBA Tactics Training

  7. Information Campaign Training

  8. Basic Computer Literacy for Workers

  9. Lecture Series on Labor Issues:

    • Current Philippine Trade Union Situation

    • National minimum wage and anti-contractualization twin campaign

    • Labor Flexibilization

    • Neoliberal Globalization

    • Global Financial and Economic Crisis (GFEC) and Impact of the Crisis on Labor

    • Child labor in the Philippines

    • Filipino women workers situation

    • Cultural Workshop for Workers and Trade Unionists

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