EILER publishes two magazines (Datos and Talagawa) and a newsletter (Labor Bulletin) regularly to update its network on labor issues, as well as define its position regarding these issues.

  • Datos – is a quarterly Pilipino magazine that provides research data and analysis on current labor issues. It serves as the main grassroots publication of EILER.
  • Talagawa – is a yearly monograph released by the institution for more in-depth analysis of strategic issues in the labor sector and society at large. Based on these analyses, it advances policy recommendations to all stakeholders to uphold the interest of workers.
  • Labor Bulletin – is a quarterly English e-magazine based on the contents of Datos. It provides EILER’s international network partners with highlights of the labor situation and workers’ response in the Philippines.


Tutok (Focus)

As a forum held at least twice a year for workers and labor advocates since year 2000, Tutok tackles relevant issues that directly or indirectly affect the lives of working people and other marginalized sectors of society.

The Tutok format has been modified in recent years to accommodate on-demand and on-site sponsorships by workers’ organizations, apart from the centralized mode of implementation held semestrally. A more particularized handling of the local issue results from this targeted format, providing ground-level organizers and members from workers’ organizations with much-needed information to act on collectively.