EILER has laid out a number of programs on research, education and advocacy to strengthen the workers’ capabilities and help empower pro-labor organizations and institutions.


EILER conducts both primary and secondary researches on concerns that affect labor and society in general. It also does monitoring on the impact of the current global economic crisis and releases timely updates to its network members. EILER also regularly publishes two magazines (Datos and Talagawa) and a newsletter (Labor Bulletin) to update its network on labor issues, as well as define its position regarding those issues.


Since the 1980’s, EILER’s education curriculum has been geared towards enabling trade unions and workers organizations to respond to labor and social issues in a way that reflects their sectoral interests, as well as the greater interest of society at large. Our institution believes that independent labor education plays a key role in laying the fundaments for empowering unions vis-a-vis big capital and unfair state policies.


EILER runs a multimedia library with a unique collection of labor-related publications. The library is open to unions, researchers, students and activists. Membership is required to access the materials.


EILER puts premium on trailblazing new methods for education and information work, especially in producing short and full-length video documentaries on labor and social concerns. Its multimedia capability remains one of the most cutting-edge among labor NGOs.

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