EILER seeks to bring its researches back to community with the aim of building capacity among workers, especially women and the youth. The networks identify tactical campaigns, mobilize community support, and engage key policymakers at the local and national level.


Philippine Informals’ Network for Advocacy Support (PINAS)

This network of informal workers and communities aim to share best practices in organizing as well as information on sectoral issues. These are processed by an ex-officio Secretariat composed of public information officers in informal sector and informalized labor organizations, that will then coordinate with EILER – acting as a communication center – for eventual projection of these issues and information nationally and abroad.

Through this network, international linkages with other organization of informal workers may be channeled to encourage productive exchanges on organizing methods and informal sector concerns. It also provides support services such as researches on informal work, development of primers and education materials, and publication of related literature.



Kababaihan sa Komunidad Para sa Disenteng Trabaho

This advocacy-support network formed in 2015 seeks to empower informal women workers and amplify their call for decent work through advocacy and leadership training at the community level. It provides a venue where women informal workers can consolidate their voices for regular and decent jobs, for higher wages, and for the scrapping of policies promoting gender-based discrimination at work and in the community.

Understanding the multi-dimensional vulnerabilities of women workers in the informal sector is key to to identifying and effectively addressing issues affecting informal women workers in the social, economic and political spheres. Through this network, organizing and leadership capacity will help women workers improve their economic self-reliance, promote workers’ rights, and expand women’s participation in the alleviation of poverty.


Round-Table Discussion on Union Education Network

As part of its general labor education program, EILER also formed the Round-Table Discussion on Union Education Network (RTD Network) in May 2009. RTD Network is composed education officers of some of the biggest independent unions in the pharmaceutical, banking and communications industries in the Philippines, such Citibank, HSBC, PNB, Allied Bank, RCBC, Wyeth-Pfizer, Mead-Johnson, United-Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, SkyCable (supervisorial), and PLDT (supervisorial). Its main concerns are on outsourcing, retrenchments and other job security issues.

A separate RTD Network committee has also been established in the Quezon City-Pasig-CAMANAVA area in partnership with the Labor Ministry of the Diocese of Novaliches. This is composed of independent and federated unions in the manufacturing and industrial services sector, such as the Republic Asahi Glass Corporation (RAGC) union and MIESCOR Builders Incorporated (MBI) unions.

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