Advocacy and Campaigns

Labor is with humans wherever we go. It is an integral part of any social and economic component of our being.

Through EILER’s DIGNITY OF WORK campaign, we endeavor to promote the dignity of work, and support recommendations that aim to eliminate the precarious conditions that violate this dignity and the fundamental rights of workers.


EILER also recognizes the need to actively participate in the social process by initiating or joining initiatives of workers. As a logical extension of its labor education and research work, the institution’s advocacy primarily reflects workers’ demands for living wage, decent and regular jobs, gender rights at the workplace, sustainable livelihood and social protection.

It also includes broader economic, social, cultural and political concerns such as land reform, climate justice, good governance and democratic elections, promotion of peace and the protection of human rights.

Some of our notable advocacy work have been on:

  • Campaign to end all forms of contractualization and unfair labor practices campaigns through the Contractuals for Change Media Collective

  • Just transition for sustainable environment and economy led by the workers
  • Promoting labor and gender rights of working women and LGBTQIA++ in the world of work
  • National fact-finding missions on workplace tragedies and solidarity missions to communities

  • Campaign to end child labor through the Bata Balik-Eskwela Program, 2013-present

  • Voter’s education and anti-fraud monitoring through WE-Watch, 2010, 2013,  2016, 2019, and 2022.

  • Campaign to promote rights and welfare of employees in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry,  2008-present

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